Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After dinner, we walked the streets of old Route 66, we stopped and had some ice cream. It gets dark here very fast. On our way back to the camp ground, I realized that we needed some milk. Not realizing that the Safeway store was right in the center of town, we started driving back on Route 40 towards the campground. I asked the GPS for the nearest grocery store so we followed it on the GPS. It took us in a circle and we eneded up back to where were were previously walking down the street. The town was so small, we didn't realize how close our campground was to the center of the town.
We met up with my cousins Barb Yuschik and Diane Tone in Williams AZ. They traveled up from Phoenix and Gilbert AZ to escaspe the 115 degree weather. We had a great dinner together, got caught up with family news and walked thru the old Route 66 streets.

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