Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our campground where we stayed at in William, AZ. right out side the Grand Canyon about 30 miles away. Not like a parking lot, more like a real campground we are used to except we were surrounded by mountains.

One more windy shot. We came home covered in sand/dirt.

Josh posing in the wind.
Before we boarded the bus at Powell Point, we stopped for one more view. It was still very windy up there.
Walking from Hopi Point to Powell Point to get the bus heading eastward back to where we began.
We took the bus us to Hopi Point 6800 feet elevation. Suppose to be the highest point. We were warned that it was extremely windy there. We got off the bus and found out for ourselves how windy it was. Tony and Kristen are pictured here shielding themselves from the wind. Tony got hit in the eye with a pine needle. Kristen complained of getting sand in her eye.
Another picture of beauty!!!!
Josh, Kristen, Tony and Aaron stopped for a pose.

I zoomed in with my camera to take this picture of guys below. There was no way I was gonna climb down there to get my picture taken.
Just breath taking!!!

The beginning of our adventure.

The best way to see the park it to take the free bus to different areas and walk around. We boarded the bus and started to see the park.

On Sunday, July 19th 2009, we finally made it to the Grand Canyon. What Beauty!!! We forgot to stop at the sign and get our picture taken. We thought we'd do it on the way out but we forgot.
We parked on the side of the road because the parking lot was full. We didn't know how to get around but we soon figured it out after finding the visitor center.

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